Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 17

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Christmas Interruptions

Most Decembers I will put my brushes and other art tools up and take the month off. I love the holidays and like to take the time to enjoy and ready for the big day. This year living in a new house and with my daughter and grandson, the preparation of readiness has changed. We have our belongings boxed and stored at the old house waiting on a sale of the property. My daughter has her decorations out and gets a real tree so the timing of putting up the tree has to match the cell date of a live tree. We did bring some decorations that we could find to the new house. The efforts seem a little haphazard and not as finished as I would like it and waiting on the real tree has me thinking we are very late to start this year. I suppose next year we will be more coordinated and prepared in our efforts to decorate and enjoy in an earlier fashion.

So this year has given me the time to continue and try to catch up on my projects. I had my model drop in twice in the push to get two paintings complete or near to completion. There is another life drawing class this Sunday to finish the 2012 session. I will definitely take that session in and reap some more model drawings. There were also some extra webinars on photoshop and photography this month and had the free time to sit and take notes and learn there. I also had time to play with the camera on a shoot out into the woods with my spouse now that hunting season has ended. The day was perfect and I was pleased with the results. One picture I took was perfect for a reflective theme as a card. I hadn’t played with photoshop for a while other than correcting my pictures, so delved into making a card again. I discovered some actions I had installed and tried to make an action after watching one of the webinars. I learned some creative effects also. It feels good to be reintroduced to the creative side of photoshop again. I’m also ready to tackle the illustration program after much time away from it.

There is a project I have had on the back burner for a few years now. I want to make an ebook incorporating my son’s poems and some of my poems. I wish to illustrate those poems using Adobe illustrator program which I had gotten familiar with some time ago. Remembering the intricacies of these programs takes some time if not used on a regular basis. I have a few unfinished projects stored in that program that I must return to and use as a familiarity session.

I am also ready to set up a part of my studio for studio photography after learning the basics of lighting with some of the webinars I have watched this month.I had begun that last year before we packed up the other house for viewing and put the sale sign up. Between the move and some injuries like the tendinitis I suffered, I think that I lost almost two years of progress. I am now trying to catch up on all the projects that have stalled.

I have managed to get some paintings done and two sculptures on the table to be completed. I was introduced to watercolour again with my West River series and am happy with two of the results which I shall get framed. I completed a few still life paintings as well and are hanging for sale. The two pictures which I am painting with my model are so near completion that I am getting excited about the end of the work. Another is partly complete and requires the background and story to be done whereas the main feature is complete. Then I am prepared to put my marine series back on the easels and start on my proposed exhibition work again. I have January planned as my month to restart that series.

Although my kiln will not be here until the other house is sold, I have my wheel and clay supplies ready for use here in the new house. The new year will see the wheel start up and a particular large sculpture piece I have burning in the back of my mind, begun in earnest. It is large and in several parts so not having the kiln isn’t a problem. The work must dry before firing. It is to be hoped that by early spring, I will be organized and ready to put down the tools for those pieces and start back to the bronze. I have a few more pieces to cast and some bronze ready for braising and welding.

With all these irons in the fire, I will be able to make up time lost over the last two years and see progress in all mediums. Even if I don’t manage to complete all these plans, I will have been very much involved in my practice and feeling satisfied that I am back!