Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 18

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Making Contacts

Finding your direction in a new area where learning lay of land and who’s who in the town can take a while and you will soon realize people are learning more about you as the newcomer. The more seasoned residents will know more about the newcomer long before you feel you are getting things worked out concerning who and where you should be looking for answers. Having tried one path with the local gallery, being the obvious route, as well as to a popular cafe, “Where everyone knows who you are”, I’m back around again to the start it would seem at first. This time though contacts are appearing in my view and I’m getting some assistance with my direction.

I decided to hold my art classes in my own studio, adding to a newbie student’s experience by being in a working atmosphere of art production and the convenience and materials for me will just add impromptu goodies for my students. I called my former few students from the gallery and I must have impressed as three are on my start up list with a promise that they will tell others. Meanwhile I connected with an artist I knew was in the area, and with whom I had participated in a symposium years ago. My introduction there resulted in an impromptu pitch on my classes and definitely an introduction to a small board meeting taking place. It seemed to meet with approval and a promise to talk up my classes. I am hoping for further contact with that group for any personal interests and experiences.

The cafe approached me again to hold classes in there during certain evenings so I thought that announcing a field trip once my classes start and the students are comfortable, would make an interesting experience in relaxing life drawing while enjoying the local coffee. Meanwhile maybe I can convince the small group of artists that I do life drawing with on Sundays to meet for a meeting or a talk at the cafe at some point. I did approach my young model with the prospect of-posing for this group and she is interested, thereby adding some worth from me for my new comrades.

For Christmas I was given a handy tool, which I shall try at life drawing this coming week. Sure to add some interest to my colleagues, the Inkling can be a handy drawing tool incorporating technology for some that have’t fallen prey to new arts software. It gives me an easy way to get my drawings downloaded avoiding scanning and still leaves me with the original paper drawing. It’s not only fun, if not a bit limited in the overall drawing size, but am sure it will be useful in my sketching projects. Also I was given a former learning tool that was dropped over time because of costs. I now have my tutorials back and can move forward in my 3D and animation art. I can also add so much more to the table of photoshop and photography skills and enhance my illustration and graphic work. I expect to spend education time this winter and spring on these elements while also beginning my long awaited attempts at a poetry ebook with accompanying illustrations. Understandably these are new long term endeavors so interference in production should not be a hurdle to my present art projects.

Back with my hands in the clay sculpture and this week bringing home a large 36 inch by 42 inch canvas to begin the next marine painting for my exhibition, I feel ecstatic looking around the studio and seeing art in progress at every turn. This large piece will be kept as close to a variety of grays as I can come up with by avoiding adding my passion of colour to the palette. Both my model pieces are almost complete, new life drawings searching for hanging space and my seven piece sculpture, called “Conspiracy” is being prepared with a sturdy stand to hold the weight of clay. There is no lack of ideas or projects in this new studio but I have decided it may be time to organize my work flow with a program or spreadsheet to not go off the rails. I love challenges and I also love deadlines. For relief I throw in small outings to paint or draw, so guess that West River is probably not done after all. Looking at the grey ice and white snow, I feel the need to enter the river bank again at some point in this new season.