Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 19

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Spring is Bursting Early

After a fall on the ice a few weeks ago I found myself put back on the shelf while a broken wrist in my drawing hand was set and is now half way into healing mode. Already well into teaching my painting and art classes, I continued and followed through with my plan to hold figure workshops in April. I now had time on the computer and could manage slowly with my non dominant hand. Pain for two weeks had kept me from doing much work but I was now determined to keep some of the established pace up with whatever activities that I could manage.

I made my weekend workshop advertising on the computer and through a student reached two local arts groups. One happily sent out my notice and we tried with the other one to download it, but eventually have the member list sent to me to fill on my computer. That slowed things down as I figure out how to add and send out a mailing list. Always something to learn while progressing forward. I’m hoping with this accomplished, my workshops pick up more students for the weekly classes. I must fill up the next 3 weeks with some artistic movement while the cast remains on my hand and I then expect a few weeks with strengthening the wrist again.

Assistance comes along in unexpected ways. A university art gallery curator invited me to join a group of my long time colleagues in a live art event for his auction here in the local town. I also submitted a work to the auction which is held at a unique museum of technology, a lovely large space. It will be a pleasure to connect again with these established artists and work alongside them. It will definitely raise my profile in the area. Also, in order to advertise my workshops, I committed to doing a two hour portrait drawing class in my favourite cafe in the nearby small town. A small donation is being collected for charity and it should be interesting for his clientele. My cast will be removed by the time of these activities.

Meanwhile I realized that I could begin my very large canvas piece that is associated with my marine exhibition which is ongoing with several works to be completed yet. I can mange to paint an undercoating for the artwork and maybe even start the next layer in small increments. The subject matter is still a secret except to say that I am trying to keep in all in tones of grays. Progress pictures might be posted on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook/bronzecast .

I also used my new Inkling pen fairly successful although I am still fumbling with splitting the layers. Now that the work with it sits in Illustrator, I realized it has been over a year since I used that application and need to visit the tutorials to warm up again. It is my favourite application and I wish to conquer it again. I have a few weeks now to explore that option. Keeping busy planning will be essential in the next weeks in order not to get discouraged looking at my waiting paintings, and keeping my clay sculptures wet for future work. Meanwhile I have my blogs to update and my newsletter to send out again. So far subscription has been low but I do hope time will help with that process as others discover my blogs.