Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 20

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New Connections & New Events & New initiatives

During the time that my arm remained in a cast and then my dear mother-in-law ‘s passing, my name was referred to some local artists establishing a new gallery. A flurry of activity then began as a studio visit was requested and before I was aware of what occurred my art was accepted into the inaugural opening exhibition in a church revamped into a cultural centre. Swept up with their refreshing and bustling enthusiasm, it appears I have found an outlet for my work and artistic companionship with my equals.

Along with my continuing life drawing sessions with a recently acquainted peer, I was connected with yet another peer. Contacted by this curator of a university gallery where I have previously exhibited, I entered a work into a gala auction and was invited to perform as a live auction art piece myself, drawing with my model during the event. Again I reconnected with my colleagues there, some from my beginning days in Nova Scotia as an emerging artist. I enjoyed the event and await funds from the event and am still enjoying the recognition in participating.

Meanwhile an emerging sculptor contacted me from a referral and visited my studio. I am now looking over the mentorship program from the local arts board for a collaborated mentoring of this sculptor. We may just apprentice without a program as I am wanting to pass on the same assistance given to me a few years ago with the bronze casting. She and I will meet again over coffee to see if there is indeed synergy and an equal exchange of companionship and artistic integrity. The coffee meeting over we both decided an apprenticeship will be a beneficial process for both of us. She is also engaged in a new arts council that is attempting to connect all the arts groups and individuals under a county umbrella. This is to strengthen the artists resources and enhance the cultural diversity in the area. I am very excited about this prospect.

With all the activity in the last month I haven’t had time to blog or keep up my social online connections. The only event on the calendar remains the Paints program in the local school which will take up about 3 days. I am awaiting dates set my the teacher now. Once that is done, I am free for the summer to enjoy the area and the sun, play with my camera, use my digital programs and get back to work on my Marine exhibit with determination, a finish date and schedule. Along with that theme work, I intend to start my large 7 figure sculpture by drawing from my model while my hand strengthens for the clay. These two art proposed works will be my focus for the next year. My spouse will repair our furnaces and get our bronze casting equipment ready for the summer months. I have enough wax art pieces ready for sprueing and casting at present. It will be a start back to the bronze after a two year absence. There are 4 pieces cast that require welding and we are searching for a welder in this area that would like the challenge of working on bronze art. I may have found that person as a relative of the new sculptor that wishes my assistance in development of her work.

Now I am looking forward to a quiet portion of my life and time to remain in the studio again. My attempt this summer and fall was to connect and bring awareness to my presence in my new home. This appears to have been accomplished and I can now focus on the most important activity an artist can indulge in, and that is production. Networking, marketing, raising funds most likely through teaching, and promotion are indeed an important part of the arts career, but without production time, this is all to no avail. Making the art is what an artist is all about.