Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 21

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Spring Rush

My blogging was interrupted by a very busy season as my new contacts increased and evolved into actions. With several studio visits almost overwhelming me with new artists’ introductions and praise, I was feeling in the spotlight and being blinded by it at same time. It was so refreshing to have my peers review and enjoy my work. It was a confirming experience after 20 years of near isolation in my formal home. Here in my new home, there has been a renaissance of artistic culture and spaces as well as exhibiting opening up and I arrived just in time to join in the reformation.

I have been featured in five events and have been reviewed or named in some news items. Three of the exhibits were group showings and one an auction gala where I had a piece sold and did an art performance. With my favourite model in tow, I set up and did life drawings based on a new sculpture proposed artwork. These were also sold at auction. I don’t contribute usually to art auctions as I believe it diminishes artwork value by making available cheaper works to collectors. I was amazed at this university gala event at the higher prices being put forward. As this is a place I have exhibited in the past, I like to support the gallery on campus. Another exhibit was branching out and showing a few pieces in a popular cafe where the area group I am a member of, exhibits it’s works monthly.

The other exhibits were juried events and in a new gallery space in New Glasgow, where I hope to have solo shows in the future.

As well as exposing my artwork in my new territory I became a member of three vibrant new but ambitious art groups. There is a push to keep the ball rolling and organized all the different fractions in the area under one umbrella for networking and strength. This seems to be working and accepted by all group contributors. With this organization, there are more events in the works and in planning stages. There doesn’t seem to be any cooling off of energy to promote and grow the arts culture in all disciplines here. I am thrilled to be a part of this movement and although enthusiastic about all the events, realize I must be choosey for production time and stay in the studio as often as I possible, yet remain involved and participate.

There is excitement over my bronze sculpture and the process. We haven't been active in that genre for 2 years because of injury and building and moving. MY spouse has the pots or furnaces up here in the new home and revamping them. I must get some waxes left undone, sprued and shelled so we can showcase the experience as well as get some pieces finally fired. There is an AntiGoNIght event in antigonish and am working on spotlighting the bronze method on the street scape in the dark in this yearly arts event. In the meantime I rejoined the Nova Scotia Rally Map and waiting for visitors as the tourists season gets underway.

I am also beginning my major 7 figure sculpture that I am trying to keep under wraps. It is large under going and will take some time. Starting with drawings of my model, I will move to the clay part eventually and from there contemplate going for a grant for the foundry work. That is another project in itself.

For the last month, I have been taken over with learning the Lightroom photography software I installed on my new iMac. It was akin to going to college again but finally worked it out and now have photos being processed. It was one of the reasons the blogs were not available. So back to the photography and updates on my processes again. Hope you will stay with me as I catch up.