Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 22

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Autumn Fulfillment

Since December all my expectations of succeeding with my introduction as an artist in my new home, has been fulfilled. I have met and connected with many artists and been involved with 4 or 5 events where my art was exhibited. I have had a few reviews also. We have ignited the bronze furnaces and held a public demonstration of the lost wax process. There has been many other meetings with interesting persons providing inspiration as well as information gleaned. Being involved again with an artists cooperative has provided companionship and revitalized my energies.

I have attended meetings about art and culture planning in the area and come out with a personal formula for the new year. With ideas from others I sorted out a direction for my sculpture project that has been plaguing me for a few years. My back yard foundry, excitingly begun again, has it’s limitations for some project ideas. The size of my work is restricted as well as time for use with the weather conditions. Finally I was provided with an insight into a new form of bronze sculpture. We have researched the cold casting method and I can see my vision formulating for the sculpture project I have held close for years.

This process is less physical, can be done indoors, is safer, and considerably cheaper. It also allows me to work larger with my sculptures for enhanced affect and expression. I will continue to use the hot method for smaller pieces as we are set up for it and the romance of working in a form 6000 years old still draws me to the fire. As I age the idea of an easier working method that I can expand in size and use of medium, has me preparing enthusiastically for my next project. I am using a live model for all of my 7 figures in this sculpture and will soon start the armature for the first figure. I will use winter stone plaster as my medium for the maquette. I hope to soon place an order for the new material and begin the experiment of the first attempt.

Meanwhile I will continue my small Terror piece that I produced with our demonstration. It also has 7 figures in the sculpture piece and I hope to finish those items this winter. As well, while the snows blow, I will get back to my marine exhibit paintings with an eye for a duo show this summer that was mentioned to me. It is also time for me to leave the cooperative and concentrate on my production now with a quieter season. Settling in and becoming known as an artist and making my contacts was successful and now must be followed up with actual work. As much fun as it has been, distractions for an artist are not conducive for producing exhibition work. I will be finishing my outside art activities with an event called Culture Days in the province, the Rally map, and another life drawing class at the cooperative. Then my studio beckons me and full attention is necessary to meet new project deadlines.