Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 23

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Back to Work

Since my busy season connecting and meeting other artists, I have begun to focus on producing my work for the next two years. It will take me that long to create a series and complete projects that were begun and still in progress. Reorganizing my studio space and setting up areas for
three prominent projects was my first activity. Those three artworks will be my focus and priority to complete. The other small items in my peripheral will be puttered at in my spare time or during a break from concentrating on the big works.
I left an interesting but struggling cooperative in town where I met many of my artists connections, but my time needed to be directed to my studio work. I felt the time was right to give my concentration on production now that promotion and connections were solid. A handful of cooperative artists shall meet and enjoy each others company from time to time and support or assist when needed.
Meanwhile I have learned of another method for producing my sculptures that will make the work faster, cheaper, and physically easier for myself and spouse who acts as my foundry master. We did revive the furnaces for lost wax casting and will continue on some pieces in the works for next spring. The trouble with casting hot bronze is that the season is short and the process long. Romantically I enjoy lost wax as it is the ancient method of bronze artworks that comes with a history and respect. But the research I did on cold casting will allow me to make larger pieces and produce an idea for a seven piece sculpture that has plagued me for a few years. I can now envision the piece happening with cold casting. Initially it will be another cost problem for start up. So I have spent the last couple of months preparing and submitting a grant application for this project. It is not a sure thing but I hope I may be successful. Otherwise another direction must be found to attempt this method and that will mean more delays for production.
I still have my marine exhibition work to work on in the meantime. Six of those paintings are complete and canvasses sit ready for me to restart on that project. A small bronze figure piece of six will continue throughout the winter in hopes of burns for the spring. This piece is small but exciting in concept.
The recent excitement is that I fired up the kiln for the first time in the new house and am confident all is working well. With a small adjustment of a fireplace shield we can continue with the clay sculptures. The gyp rock wall was slightly warm behind the kiln so thought best to protect that area. In the last house the kiln was surrounded by cement wall surfaces.

As the bronze was passed onto me by my mentor, I have been searching for an artist to take on this process. Happily I found a female artist beginning her career and will mentor her in this process. As well, she is company for me in life drawing when I bring my favourite model into my home. Working alongside another like minded artist can be supportive and pleasurable for conversation about the arts. In the end, I will have another colleague sharing the same medium with which to discuss. With this revelation the lost wax method of bronze will continue to flourish.