Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 24

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My Favourite Month

December is always a busy distracting time, although pleasant in it’s hustle and interruptions. I have usually found it best to write off the month for work and enjoy the festivities. As we come into the half month, I have completed a painting that has had me concentrating to finish and taken up my time. Now that I can deliver this portrait work I can relax, catch up on a few items like my blogs and social media plus plan my next attack in the studio.

With a break until the new year, I will make a few clay items with the prospects of participating in some craft or art fairs next autumn. They can be fun and not pressured with much time to produce the small pieces.

Also I must get back to my software programs that I paid for and found little time to learn. The next couple weeks while readying for Christmas I can take a few tutorials and play with the programs. By spring I should be quite familiar with the interfaces and be able to get some graphic work on the run. Meanwhile my daughter is instructing my grandson in computer basics and I admit previously skipping much of that knowledge, instead plunging forward where I can. So I have joined his classes to update myself and become organized. Life drawing has also begun with an idea of a marathon session planned for January. All in fun. A scheduled artist meet every second week has become an enjoyable interchange with like minds. I hope it continues in the New Year as more artists discover us and the mix of talents increase.

I have taken on the task of overseeing my grandson take photos for his other 4H project. This means I can get out and shoot and set up my lights for a flash session with him. While teaching I can get my hand back in the photography.
There is no lack of fun projects and learning that I can find time for while the holidays continue. In January, I shall become refocused on my sculpture project and marine paintings, with the knowledge I am finally caught up with myself. All pressure released and euphoria in the studio.

I send out greetings of the season and wishes for much creativity in your endeavors. Merry Christmas all!