Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 25

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Working in Good Time

As January moves on, my work schedule follows in a good pace. I set my priorities for the new year and allowed time for other projects I may wish to play at or improve. I continued through the holidays to take some time to keep at those artworks I wanted to meet with a scheduled time line. I did not sacrifice my festivities or family times. Knowing at what and when you must work, helps to keep me on track without the pressure I did feel during the summer session.

I know which projects must be a focus now and when I should have this work done or at a stage I am pleased with progress. My waxes will come into play during spring. Weather for the bronze season will see several works in ceramic shell and ready for the summer burns. As well, I want Conspiracy going forward at a steady pace, although I have the year for that completion date. During the sculpture work, I wish to take time back with my painting exhibit work of the marine project. It has been stalled for some time, and once I start it up, I am sure the process will take over and the new works will pour out. With this project as with Conspiracy all set up work is done and getting to the last stage only needs some steady focus.

I do have a few small sculpture pieces as well to work on and I intend to play with some smaller clay sculptures to prepare for next Christmas season. A few small items for a table during the fairs will help promote my larger pieces and bring in some funds. It is for fun and not a priority to me. Learning some software I am using for my promotion work and other digital projects is something the bad winter weather is helping by providing time indoors. My studio photography is also getting a work out because of the deep freeze.

Having cooperative weather and a good work plan as well as a clean studio arrangement is supporting my good work habits. It is to be hoped that I can keep this progress up for the winter season and be prepared when the weather changes to move on to other projects on the list. Meanwhile I hate to complain about what is helping me concentrate on my projects. However, I would like to feel the warmth of the sun and take some long walks again or go out for another photo shoot.