Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 26

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Fully Into the Sculpture

With success manipulating the wire armature in the first sculpture, I felt the boost to continue the process I had scheduled for my project. The Conspiracy Project consists of seven figures, so I need to regulate my progress to complete the seven figures and be ready to mold them part way through the year. This will mean much pretesting the materials I will be using to get to the bronze application.

The testing starts with the correct plaster application. This means I require the flexible but firm and sticky tape which will hold the plaster. So far the gyp rock tape I have chosen will be my choice, however I will keep an eye out for another substitute while I continue. I have discovered applying the winter stone will take up to at least three layers to get my details and a smooth finish surface.

Meanwhile I am making some small sculptures in clay and firing them. These will be made so that I can brush on my resin coats by reaching up into the hollow cavities as I plan for my larger three foot sculptures. Very shortly I will contact my supplier for some small test materials to try out the new mold materials and the cold casting resins. This will place demands on me to get the sculptures completed in plaster and molded in enough time for the cold casting of all seven figures. Most of the time pressure will therefore be on this first stage of plaster and wire sculpture completion.

Although all my focus is now on this project, I will take breaks from the intensity of the process to do a few small clay pieces to fill the kiln and as the weather improves get out for a respite with plein air painting. Not only is it rewarding and refreshing to do plein air but will give me some paintings to place in the gallery shop where I do show a few pieces.This keeps my presence alive while many hours will see me in the studio in the next few months.

I acquired some testing amounts of cold casting material with the help of a sponsor, my son. I can now cold cast a small item in bronze to see the results and determine the spread or amount I will have to calculate for the larger sculpture pieces. A small clay piece is ready for the kiln to be used in the testing, along with some other small pieces to fill the kiln. I have also done a few plein air as the exhibit season is warming up. I will have 7 pieces to put out for 3 exhibits in the next few weeks. Again I expect a busy summer this year.