Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 27

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Red Light - Green Light

Remember that game where the “it” person would turn and call Green Light and we would make a dash forward only to have to freeze when “It” called Red Light? When one person reached the front first, then they were the winner. Life is sometimes like that game. Right now I’m freezing on red, after a good dash in the last year.

Art At Night was my last intriguing art event where many artists are invited downtown New Glasgow in various spots including a closed off street marked with tents. For seven hours and into the dark night, with wonderful LED lighting provided, we worked on our projects and showed our wares. With a new project in development stage, I was not sure how it would be received by those usually expecting to see finished product. I was pleasantly surprised to see sincere positive reaction and ended the evening knowing I was on track with this idea and with the work I had done up to now.

However when I returned to the studio, I had made the decision to behead my first attempt at the wire figure. The head was a test to try new material and I spent most of the time reconstructing and felt it had gone out of reach for my vision and out of proportion. Spurred on by reaction to the second figure’s face, I decided to redo this head of the first figure. That followed with redoing the hands in proportion and with more delicate nuances of position. There is now 3 wire figures almost ready for application of the plaster cement. This is crucial as I’m about to lose my physical ability for a short time, to make the structures and need to know that they are at a point, when able, I can apply the sculpting medium. I am also rushing to complete a portrait commission so that anxiety of not being able to finish it until later, will not affect recuperation time for me. I can work on softer projects or the computer while convalescing.

I don’t often announce a health problem this dramatic, or personal, but it is wrapped up with my art making and so I will talk about how I will make shorter slower dashes forward with my present projects and how to stay focused through the process. Having had cancer twice in the past, it was a shock to hear I am back with the same procedures to endure for the third time around. Knowing what lays ahead, I realize that my art making will indeed be affected at different times in this process. There will be low valleys and high hills ahead. The last times I was inspired to make art about the impact, but that comment now done, I wish only to continue what is on the table now.I have many projects on the go and of course my Conspiracy project is the most physical of them. Computer, reading, drawing and even some painting may still be achieved at most times, but my figures in progress may be halted. And I am on the Nova Scotia Rally Map again so will still be welcoming visitors to my studio. Drop by!

Living in a vibrant artistic community, I have put it forward that we as a group we should support each other in times of illness, accident, or operation. I will be in that position so feel I know what the artists may need as support including help with an ongoing artwork, moving equipment, talking art or just a visit or two. I’m hoping the call to action will result in an ongoing program for our colleagues in the future. We can each profit from this collaboration and even learn in the process. Some may consider a new medium after assisting an artist in their artwork, or just get to know each other. The person in need will have the company and support through a difficult period whilst coming through to help others benefit from the same.

So here’s hoping as I put out a call for a visit or someone to move my kiln, knead some clay or twist some wire, I won’t feel like I have lost another year to fight something I had no control over. Meanwhile, I am in a rush to get as much of the figures in wire and a portrait painting commission finished before I am called to surgery. So if you know someone going through or about to go through a tough time, give them a call and offer your assistance. You will both feel better for it.