Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 29

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The Way Back

With surgery for my cancer over and two weeks later, I am feeling more like myself and less than a patient. I am still healing and cannot push my energy or go far, but do feel like I can plan a little more. With 6 more weeks to fully heal, I have that time to pick up some light art work that does’t stretch my arm movements. Of course I can also do my computer art related work. I am doing very well and with support of my family, friends and the artistic community here, I did not feel alone facing this crisis. I am grateful to all.

In a few more weeks, I will learn what other procedures will be in store for me in this fight against cancer and am preparing myself for another down time. Meanwhile I am keeping connected to my colleagues and have started to draw a bit as a sculpture sketch idea, and working on my art archival software.

Watching the news, I am appalled at world events, the crisis in different countries, the long discussions about resolutions while people die. Having no answers myself, I reflect on the human species and conclude we haven’t evolved far or learned from previous mistakes. We seem bent on reacting without empathy and in the most barbaric manner. As people we decline to our most basic revengeful and ignorant levels. The innocent, unable to defend themselves, pay a high price. All the while our higher educated and exalted leaders slowly try or not try to manage the drama.

So out of this vision, I see a figurative sculpture of huddled forms clinging to each other, unable to stand alone or take a stand as one thoughtless mob. One lone figure leans away and steps out of the mob heading in singular direction. There is much action in the piece as the huddle moves together leaning on each other and the single figure throws itself apart.I will call it, The Herd. ©2014carolynbedford

It will be the same size as my Terror piece in progress now. So these and the Conspiracy await my return. The studio rally maps are coming out and my studio will remain open to visitors by appointment or chance. Even if I’m not up to it this year, my spouse and foundry master, knows the ropes and the tour. My camera is also at hand and as I strengthen, I can venture a little further and get some shots to work on. I have plenty pictures that could use some experimenting with already. Art can be found in many places and media.

Knowing as this procedure moves forward I am closer to going in a circle and back to where I left off. I can pick up my work and carry on with this event a distant memory. Each day becomes more valuable and a new beginning.