Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 30

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Planning a Comeback

As the directions given me, stated, at six weeks after surgery, I can begin some light strength exercises. At this time I feel I have turned a few corners and able to add some actions to my regime because I do feel more like myself and much stronger. I still need to be cautious of my arms and not overdo, but am feeling more comfortable and sleeping better because of that.

I am still living in a vacuum concerning making plans and making appointments other than my medical care. There is still another procedure to come soon now and not knowing what that will be or the toll it may take on my progress, I continue to live day to day and concentrate on building strength. I made a successful trip to see some friends for a few days and did well. Going out seems to be possible for me now so that I can join the rest of the world, not be totally consumed with my illness, and feel a part of the activities in the community. With the recent downing of a jetliner over Ukraine now filling the airwaves, I decided not to join the rest of the world past my local area. I cannot handle the stress over dark events as emotions still seem fragile during healing and anticipation of procedures to come. This is opposed to my normal artistic bent, where I would want to acknowledge or comment with my art and develop a project. Probably my way of handling the impact but for now, shall ignore world problems so that I can survive anxiety.

Computer projects are getting more attention now, as they are the simplest activity not requiring physical strength. I did go down to the studio to look over some old drawings I brought back from our other residence. Some of these go back decades and it was fun to look back at work prepared for paintings and resource drawings including some old life drawings.It took awhile to pull out each sheet from the pile because that was a stretching exercise that could have hurt my arms and chest. A secretary to find my work in stacks and to clear some room on my tables is wistfully wished for, before I can lay out any possible work to delve into just now. Arranging the studio before hand would have been a benefit to me now. So I shall have to wait a little while longer to start up or get back to some projects. My husband is just now being relieved of some of his care duties as I take on more lighter duties so I do not want to add to his work load further with items to do in the studio. Patience is needed for a while longer.

However, I can plan some items for the future. It's time for me to get out there again with an exhibit proposal. I believe once I am aware of the next health procedure, I can estimate healing time and then work time for my next sculpture exhibit. Using the time I have put int the three Conspiracy pieces including the test time, I should be able to work out when the seven figures will be ready for display. With gallery openings a year to two for new exhibitions planned, that will give me time to complete my work and have a schedule ahead for display. In between, I can continue to paint the marine exhibit and add to the works already counted, and eventually estimate finish time on that proposed exhibit. Also with soft synthetic sculpey clay I can do some small sculpture figures if I get my husband to wire the armatures. These are hand size works so I can sit and work the shapes. I will give myself plenty of months to stretch for eventualities that could slow the progress of my Conspiracy project. Knowing I will come back and want to attack with a flurry, I will succeed in finishing my work in good time. I have much time to make up for and will not want to waste my efforts after this long enforced pause. Having so much to do and wanting to do so much more has managed my determination to handle this cancer setback and make a comeback again.