Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 31

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Knocked Back

I wrote this blog before learning that I will be taking chemotherapy now that the surgery has healed. I am presently undergoing the chemo and have had my first session. I will be taking chemo for the next 3 months and hope on the good days to follow my plans to get back to the artwork. However, realistically, I know much will not be achieved this autumn and it will be enough to just plan and dabble with my projects. Drawing and computer work seem the most plausible with the chemo effects. So far I am handling the procedure well and hope too put the following back in practice when I’m on the way back nearer to Christmas. A wonderful reward for that time will be my son’s return from Australia after 4 years of not seeing him. I hope to have a gift of a watercolour portrait of his father to take back with him. So that project is what I am concentrating on now.

Now that August is has come to an end, and the fall activities that crowd into a schedule making atmosphere has started, it is time for me to begin a new calendar as well. The health problems that plagued me and my family are ending and I am already building my strength and planning my assault on my studio projects. Eager to get back to my main work, the sculpture Conspiracy project, fills me with anticipation and a fresh look at the progress and end result. I want to also begin with painting on the marine pieces I have already begun and left unfinished. These two projects will be my main focus in the months to come.

Meanwhile I have been drawing, doing some small canvas paintings, using a model, and going plein air, a gentle beginning on the road back to making artwork. A sale of a commissioned portrait just before my surgery gave me a last project completion to hold me through some months of rehabilitation. I also managed to squeeze a work into a two month group exhibition so I was front and centre with my art if not in person. I have filled my time with some computer work and played with the camera, coming up with yet another idea for a photo exhibit. After seeing a webinar on panning and motion photography, I have started to play with the process. Much practice is still needed to attain the skill. Meanwhile I’m still looking to video tape my Conspiracy project and being disappointed by not finding a photographer or artist willing to collaborate, I’m now sourcing a small camcorder for myself. I will attempt to set up and video myself at work. It is better than not having the record I seek for this project.

The plein air group, small in its initiation, meets every Wednesday morning at a beach resort where we paint or draw and have access to the dining room and washrooms. We hope to get more artists out in the field to enjoy this method of instant on site work. The local artists socials have continued throughout the summer and I was drafted to book the twice weekly places for the artists to meet and exchange ideas and talk. I am finally able to attend the event after two months of missing them. In a few weeks the life drawing group I attend on Sundays will start up for the season and I am now ready to join them for that enjoyable experience.