Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 32

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A Shocking Start

An unexpected occurrence has put me back a bit while undergoing chemotherapy. I have learned that there are many unexpected occurrences with chemo, but this particular one placed me in the hospital for 10 days of antibiotic IV injections. The whole experience was frighting and left me with apprehensions for the next chemotherapy sessions. However, an upcoming visit with my oncologist should provide information and reassurance.

I was left very weakened by a low blood count that dropped too quickly leaving me vulnerable. There wasn’t much I could do physically so resting in the hospital was the best alternative. It did seem an endless stay and the first half was in an overcrowded, make do emergency room centre for overflow, while waiting on a room for recuperation.

I did mange to sketch a couple pieces albeit the subject matter was thin from a hospital bed. I also caught up on some reading material. When I finally was given a room in maternity, it felt as if I was entering a resort. I do believe we surprised the nurse with our exclamations of a wider bed, extra pillows, windows, a bathroom and free TV. My stay here was very comfortable and I was prepared for any additional time required. After 10 days my count was high enough to make it safe to go home. A few days later and I can feel my strength increasing while the chemo effects lessen. Of course the next session is coming up and I hope to mange it better as I have 3 more to go. This leads me into December and able to enjoy Christmas and my son’s visit knowing the experience has ended.

While home and on good days I hope to continue some light artwork. Meanwhile I enjoyed getting my hair buzzed as it was making a shedding halo around me. My husband gave me a gift of several hats to play fashion with rather than flowers. An excellent option.