Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 34

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I have successfully come through 6 months of health care including surgery and chemotherapy this spring to end of autumn. Feeling a surge of energy, I know I'm on my way back and with physiotherapy to help me in early February, I will build up the upper body and leg strength that will be needed for sculpture work. Meanwhile I have been visualizing works and doing drawings. These may become paintings or sculptures soon. However, for now as I ease back into the studio, I will concentrate on unfinished paintings. The studio itself needs a cleanup and organization. That may be my first physical task.

With enthusiasm, I look forward to going back to our weekly life drawing session. Already I attended 2 sessions and just worked in my small sketchbook because of lack of energy. I believe that I can tackle a larger format now. With a very special family Christmas seeing my son return home from Australia, it set me on a good energy boost and a positive outlook for the future. Under the tree was also a French easel and now the wait for spring and return to plein air with others, will anxiously seem forever a distance. I’ II be ready when the first fine day calls us out.

Another arts gift under the tree was a video camera. This came from a failed attempt to obtain a collaborative partner that would film my sculpture project, The Conspiracy. I have long wanted to document my sculpture project that now awaits my return once strength returns. Also aware that artists are turning to video to record and show their work, I feel that I should get on the same bandwagon. Sculpture obviously shows well in video with a turning console so all sides can be appreciated, but paintings too can look good in this medium. With some time for practice and watching “how to” videos, I may be ready to enter this dynamic medium soon.

With plenty on my table, I will work diligently at physio, so that I can finally be in production again. I can soon join my colleagues again and share our passion for the arts and live fully.