Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 35

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On My Way

As my hair grows again, my energy returned, and my strength is building, I am back to many of my projects. I am just beginning them and have a way to go to be fully immersed with progress, but the process for doing my sculpture and my computer programs in design, has started. My commitment to forge ahead and get results which I can exhibit, is realized today with the reprinting of my brochures and cards. I am jumping back into my illustrator programs and of course my photoshop to relearn some skills that were forgotten with my absence from the computer. The weather has turned and although the snow banks are still high, pavement and a bit of ground can be seen, meaning I am free to go out for photo shoots with one friend and a little later for plein air excursions with another friend.

Meanwhile I have been painting for the last two months and am into my marine exhibit one more. My grandson was paid a few dollars for kneading my clay as that was still too physical for me. He got some of it to make a piece for the kiln and I started a new piece that replaces one that didn't make it whole to the kiln. Redoing is a good start back into the process.The wax work and bronze will have to wait, while I rearrange my studio. It is crowded and has several works in progress scattered about, as well as more items from the old house that haven't found a place yet. A friend or two have offered to come and sort it out with me. That’ll be a big help and a long time needed change in the studio.

The Studio Rally Art Map is being prepared for the upcoming season and I am again on the map. I’m looking forward to having visitors come to my newly tidied and busy studio this summer. As well two local metal artists have offered their help with some of my project work and I’m eager to share my metal process with them to collaborate and learn. It is heartening to know some artists want to work together either on a piece or for assistance. Another friend whom is a photographer will do my head shots for promotion and come to join me and my grandson while we play with the pottery wheel this summer. With the offers of help from others I am sure I will make progress this summer while fully enjoining the leisure side of the season that I lost last year with my health issues.