Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 36

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Fruitful Summer

September may bring an end to my thrill of being outdoors with the promise of cooler temperatures and harsher forecasts. It will also bring me into the studio in full strength and enthusiasm as I return to old projects and conceive new artworks during the next seasons. However I will be actively engaging in studio work and engaging with prospective art events and opportunities for the next year. Already I’m working on two sculpture projects for a sculpture garden and possible duo show next summer. With renewed energy I have spread myself into more than a few areas setup in the studio for different works in progress. This is the old way I worked and although some may argue that focus gets more done, in 45 years I have managed to create exhibitions in this manner and participate in various medium. It surprises me that the energy came back to me in abundance and am hoping my passion for work on the table now holds that energy intact for winter’s work. Grant it, some of the time spent this summer was to finish or get back to those projects left static during my illness. But I have begun new sculpture work and new paintings and managed a couple group showings. Modern painting has creeped into my style as of late, and I have canvasses planned for that effort while my wet watercolours seem to favour the abstract.

Having watched some videos’ on improving yourself as an artist, I accepted the common sense advice of a podcaster curator and found new ways to approach organizing and presenting myself as an artist to the world. Also an interest in the new way to embrace and incorporate people and community into your work, guessing the old term is interactive, can help educate and include the viewer as a part of the finished product. Involving my activities into several other town’s popular art events is one way I hope to reach more people with my art and with what I do as an artist. Going afield out of my area to seek more events to show and participate has me very excited for the next summer. Also a collaboration with a piece brings me new outlooks and new materials with enjoyment of companionship while working.The isolation of the studio seems a passé mode for todays’ artists.

Plein air came back into my life as well this summer with a new friendship. I often worked outdoors for scenery and background work, but this friend wanted to start a plein air group here and do weekly outings. Although it seems a new idea here and only a few other artists joined, with the wonderful weather ,I explored my home area and met other citizens in the process. After last year’s terrible winter, soaking up the sun and scenery was indeed a joy, and a few good works came from it too.The bronze furnaces did not get heated this summer although there is time if the weather remains favourable, to get in a few castings. Usually waxing, sprueing and shelling is prepared for the first days of summer and the burns go through those months. Being ill and requiring convalescence for the spring months, puts the work schedule off the seasons. I’m sure I can make up for it during the winter and be ready to cast the next summer away.