Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 38

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It’s a Whole New Year!

Having spent another three months learning patience and contemplating my work strategy on projects, I am back to take 2016 on as a full production year.
Injuries left me unable to physically work the projects but gave me the time to consider the business of art,website changes, and approaches to my artwork projects. I managed a few workshops as well. The many years behind me with involvement in the arts, is no excuse for not learning new strategies and managing the business.
Getting my spouse to put up art racks to store my inventory came after discovering a few tears in a couple of paintings that now need repair. This occurred while being stacked and shifted to show no matter how careful in the handling. Now with a colleague coming to help, we shall choose, stack, document and rack the paintings in a method easily accessed for viewing.Another element of art is research and that meant, reading, searching and reaffirming my reasons and approach to my projects.With my arm still requiring strength exercises and still protective over my back I decided to contact the local high school to request the assistance of art students to help me with the physical demands of the studio.This could be kneading the clay, bending the armature wire, mixing materials,.Possibly the school could award some credit to those students taking part and the student gets a real time experience working with an artist. It’s worth a try!

Having taken part in a peer critique, I made new connections and a new revelation.After a FaceTime session with one colleague, I was left confused and devastated about all the effort, time and passion that I had put into my present project.In the studio stands three armatures and three attempts at their bases.Now I see the narrow approach I took developing the reason for this project while editing for a possible grant application.Although painting has a few same elements and is not an easy skill, sculpture has one element stronger in its appearance than a completed painting.Both must show a moment in time frozen to reveal the reason or story of the piece, but sculpture pieces stand alone in a vast empty space.Finding a scene or backdrop to help the discussion of the work, isn't always possible and can impede the items themselves with distraction.A moment in time must speak about the reason from these items alone.There can be backdrops but the impact of the single items must be paramount, It was not back to the drawing board with this news, but back to writing about it and finding the one sentence that would speak volumes about my purpose.this then led me to find within the physical structure that sentence that would say the same thing upon viewing it.
My disappointment over, I came up with a new artwork. With comments from the same colleague, I will attempt to refine the project before starting the actual piece this time.Already it will lead more time to contemplate the new armature and standing possibilities of the bases of the sculptures. lNote too future sculptors: learn welding and purchase a TIG welder.Here’s hoping I can continue to lean on another artist for welding armatures for these six figures.

The time I spent healing, has helped me with my art, but now the drive to get out and paint, shoot, make clay, patina present pieces, make armature, meet a few spring deadlines, and get new feedback on my sculpture project, matches the strength I am feeling with my new health. However, I will head what my physiotherapist remarked upon my leaving, “ Be kind to yourself and enjoy the art process.” Wise words after the last two years of struggle with health issues, to become productive again.