Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 39


Around the World

Some exciting results from my last month’s efforts with getting started on new and changed projects and organization. I have four emerging artists interested in learning and working for me in the studio. I look forward to meeting them and mentoring them as well as pushing through the physical side of my work with their help. I am into my welding sculpture, which has gone off to my partner for the time being, and my hay bale painting is finished. The second part of the hay bales is a sculpture and the base is ready for me to begin the wire and plaster. Out of this base assistance from another metal sculptor, came an invite to learn to weld for my husband and me, once we return from out trip. (third paragraph)

We were struggling with the plans for wooden armatures for my major sculpture of five figures. Our friend suggested we come to his shop and learn to weld on the armatures.It goes to prove one is never too old to learn new skills and we appreciate this artist who just keeps giving to his contemporaries. I’m very excited to weld and know the structure will be so much easier weight and strength wise. This will enable me to do so much more with my sculpture work in future.

I have left work on the shelf ready to take up again the end of April. That is when we return from our trip to Australia to see our son and his newly adopted country. It seemed a daughting idea at first but now that almost everything is in place we are ready to take on the thirty-six hours of travel to half way around the world. Our biggest worry was leaving our house and my daughter’s cat, but family friends have stepped forward to move in and take care of business here. That gives us peace of mind while we are gone. I’m hoping to meet some artists and see artwork from Australia as well as the landscape. I know that the impressions left on my wide eyes from there will probably creep into my art making in some form. I will be taking many photos and blogging when back. If possible I may blog from Australia. It’s the data concerns.

Meanwhile my web guy has been updating my website for me and for the first time I checked out some of the innards of the site. I have the best web guy friend in the world. He did a wonderful job with the working structures of my site that I hadn’t been aware of until now. It all works so beautifully and he has forced me to get involved and try some new features while setting this up. I feel a little more comfortable with editing and running my site, but hope he’s available in the future still.

So until my return I hope you will enjoy some pictures posted from the other side but I’II be so eager to get back to pick up from where I left my work.