Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 42

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Feeling Like Christmas Present Time

I said before that a change is good for the observation, reflection, and ego in the artist. By ego, I refer to the inner satisfaction from the creativity and the being of an artist’s soul. Having returned from a month long vacation in Australia soaking up the artistic landscape there, I have returned refreshed and eager to begin work carrying with me memory of wondrous artworks seen over there.

With that enthusiasm, new and wonderful opportunities arose upon my return. I have work ready and submitted for two early exhibitions, which is a great boost to the seasonal work that has begun with better weather. Bronze casting and scenic plein air starts this month.With projects already on the table and new ideas for ongoing or renewed, I am already at work and looking forward to the plein air breaks coming up.

A collaboration piece with a sculptor for a sculpture garden event is almost completed.Todd has also made me aware of new methods and tools to corporate and offered some teaching with welding. My hay bale sculpture is in process and I hope to have it complete for an august event or showing. Rebar for the large sculpture installation has been bought and in garage for manipulation into armature, finally starting that two year project. It underwent a change and the paper process took that long before I found the essence of it and am satisfied and excited about the project.

My Christmas like present is being delivered today. A large order of bronze casting material to finish up stalled projects from two years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer. Now that strength and vitality has returned, I am eager to fire the furnaces again. Boosted by a request from an eager sculptor to be mentored in bronze and any other skills and knowledge I have gleaned over 45 years, I have reason to expect a busy casting summer. With an apprenticeship like mentoring, he shall assist me with his skills and be a help to my spouse with the strength and energy of the firing process. However, beyond that, it is another colleague working in unison and possible collaboration of work or exhibits for the future. It is support and talk about a common practice.

It is a great start to my comeback and to the new season.