Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 43

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Art is Flowing

Seven art pieces went out to exhibit this spring beginning an onrush of art happenings as the weather warmed up to welcome summer. The wire mesh and steel welder’s hands collaborative sculpture is nearing completion just as the call for submission came out. It has been back and forth between Todd and myself and it is time for finished photos, a title and a price before delivery. The hay bale sculpture with its 3 foot steel base that Todd welded for me is in progress now. Whether it makes the August call, I'm not sure yet but will continue at a comfortable pace as I have an alternative exhibit to submit in the autumn. I may prefer to introduce it to that more auspicious show if accepted. So I will not put the pressure on myself because the painting which makes the set is already completed.

Plein air season has started again with the enjoyable weekly break to paint outdoors and explore new areas. I have missed two opportunities already with a busy season. My daughter and grandson also came home from South Carolina for a week's visit so projects were put up. I'm anxious now to get back to work on the figures I was readying for molds when she arrived to visit. The push to get the furnaces tweaked and a new one built came with interest from another artist to learn the lost wax process. This will assist with producing more pieces this summer and doing more castings or burns for him to experience. My Terror sculpture should get done this summer or fall and help for welding other pieces sitting on the floor are promised in exchange. As well I’m looking forward to some physical assistance in the studio and for my husband, the foundry master, with this new collaboration.We will have the official test burn first and an open house one to follow for the public and make an event of it. It's so good to be casting again after a few years although the initial investment was painful to replace my materials.

Meanwhile another painter friend had arranged for a possible exhibit some time ago, and suddenly we were informed we should be ready for next summer. At first we were caught off guard, but I realized I was well into my marine series of boats, and this could be the place to bring out the work. I’II have the winter to work on that, after the burn season ends in October because of weather. The winter will see the start of a two year project I have been developing for some time and with the rebar ready for armature in the garage, I am excited to finally get this project on the table so to speak. These are five foot figures for a sculpture installation. I have been watching lately that the figurative and portraiture seem to be having a revival, so I’m ready to join this trend. I have never been a trend follower and have always used the figurative so I like to think the trend is following me at last. I may need to exhale come next spring. Meanwhile I will relish all the opportunities flowing my way this year.