Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 44

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Focus for the Next Season

With such a busy summer and much art being delivered to shows and picked up again, time for me and my spouse was short lived during the fine weather this year. As we move into the autumn season, we have several burns coming up and that means some bronze pieces done for the spring season next year. To have 5 or 6 sculptures in bronze alone and add some made from clay, I can offer them up for a small show. Sculpture especially bronze cannot be done in one season from beginning clay to mounting on a base. Well, not many anyway. By taking on an apprentice, Kevin Comeau, we are pushed to get into the process and get the furnaces ready. Kevin is so passionate and eager, I’m having to keep up with him. George, my spouse, is also making that new furnace he promised me a few years ago. Having artistic companionship by working in the same medium in the studio is also invigorating and I’m learning from Kevin as well.

I’ve also had time to get some files ready to submit for my main show in two years. That is where the focus comes in starting winter season. The bronze will be almost ready, the marine series paintings have a home for next summer with just a few left to produce, and the large figures will begin with their rebar armature. I will also submit for a grant for the large figures and that is now prepared. Checking off where I am and where I'm going this winter season gives me an air of freedom which I can enjoy at an easy pace, with time for my spouse. It also gives me time to visit others, and do a few fun pieces of art; life drawing or clay and the hay bale.There is no more catch-up happening as I am finally there!

I did not get much “en plein air” work done this summer. That is a fun experience for me. A few sceneries did get produced from the outings, but I am focused now on my own passionate topics and back to my known style. Working towards a mission statement and fulfilling that calling voice within, is truly my idea of art making and answers my own question of why I do this. Great things coming out of the studio for 2017 folks.