Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 45


Time To Get Serious

It has been a full and busy past spring and summer season of art work for me .I’m feeling good at what I have achieved although I did get behind with the bronze casting time which only occurs in the warm weather. With a box full of various wax pieces now waiting for cleanup and preparation for shelling, I’ve caught up with what I wanted done and can start the casting process in the first good days of spring.
Now, I can move forward on the more serious work immediately ahead and try to complete those items this winter. There is about eight paintings to finish for my Marine Series which is designated for a July show with four other artists. We are meeting this month for preparation of the exhibit. Tentatively, titled “Art To The Power of Five, It will be five solo shows under one roof. I feel that I have plenty of time to complete these works without pressure as there are already several finished.

There are a few winter stone sculptural projects begun, and I’m looking forward to getting fully into the process with those pieces. It’s a fun product and I’m excited about the larger work size. They were experimental pieces preparing me for my main installation work. I have been working on this installation idea for two years and am ready to begin evolution of the piece. I feel this piece is that work I’ve been waiting to deliver with a message that speaks volumes, connects with the populous and will have an impact to deliver to the viewer. Although it will take at least a year to complete the different components, I am looking forward to the thrill of sculpting the anatomy and the different poses, hopefully from live models.

Also in the winter plan, I wish to get back to keeping my social media connections up to date, having no time this summer but for art. The clay is calling to me also, so for a break from other work, a few pieces may develop and get the kiln turned on again. I never have time to fret about needing project work or coming up with ideas. There is no such thing as a blank canvas for me. What I do require is a few more hands. That can also be called a success, finding two new sculptors to work with collaborations. I think this is the new connection mode to sharing work load and is just more enjoyable than working in isolation. Both artists are already assisting me and I hope I am giving back well to them. There appears to be a future of working with these sculptors moreover increasing our numbers.That holds an exciting possibility of innovative new work coming from a collaboration of imaginative minds.

That does not mean I’m never without stress or pressure, as there has been some frustration with my present schedule, because most of my work is still in progress. Watching other artists displaying their work, fills me with panic, in that it may be felt I am not producing work. In reality, I have several pieces well into the process and which will be coming out for unveiling all around the same time. I use to post my older work at times for review and I have gone to photography to get a few postings up to illustrate my activity. Learning to be patient will be a skill I’II have to accept this year.