Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 46

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Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- blog 46

December is for Oddities

As the month of December bounces around my work schedule with preparations and the greater pleasures of family and friends, I finally relent from attempting to push a project ahead. Instead I take some days to care for my health and soak in the seasonal joys, like walking, going to craft fairs or teas, and visiting friends. But in between these activities, I do pop into the studio to add a touch here or there, revisit the progress, and fill in my time manager for the New Year.

The distractions of the season have always prompted me to write off the time for my artwork. However it is one of the best times for me to re-evaluate and make new commitments for the coming year. It may even entail scraping some projects in progress that I have struggling or questioning. Yes, some art attempts just don't evolve and the worst decision making process must occur. Do I continue to shape or alter it, hoping it will finally meet with my vision or at least an expectation of quality, or do I stop wasting my valuable time that can be spent on other projects in the works? Usually I get a great feeling of relief once the decision is made.

Other activities that I may catch up on during this seasonal break may be watching webinars which I have signed up for and usually miss, the all but forgotten task of letter writing, editing some photographs piling up in files, reading, and planning new learning skills.

One skill that I am struggling with is with my new camcorder purchased last Christmas by my husband. It may become easier once I downloaded and printed almost the full 143 pages of the instructions. They don't include this with products any longer. To my amazement this little camera can jump hoops, as soon as I find them. Just getting through the basics and finding the buttons or the screen taps will help. Then there is the file downloading and the editing to conquer. So I think I may be making a call out for someone's help soon. Meanwhile I will fumble through to get acquainted with the camera. I plan to document the next new project I will be working on in the New Year.

Another task on my wish list is to learn to weld so that I'm not stopped in my tracks for my aspirations. I have good friends I'm hoping will assist me with that skill, although they are eager to help facilitate my projects by doing the work itself. So in this vein my Christmas list to my husband consisted of work clothes. I have been negligent in the past with the casting of bronze to dress safely, so this is a catch-up item also. I look forward to the festivities and to my work for the New Year with this month of December.