anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 47

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Artists Who Collaborate

Still flourishing in an exciting year of art progress resulting from collaborations with other artists. Having submitted several proposals, and still waiting on results of few, it has rewarded my artistic partner and I with a project of installing a sculpture in our downtown. Thanks to his imitative and desire to establish outdoor art for the town, we will produce the first of many more to grace our waterfront. Meanwhile although not successful on others, we indeed followed all opportunities so far offered this year, in hopes our names will be recognized in the next round of calls to artists. And we plan to proceed with some of our ideas with the idea that a place will be found for installation.

The collaboration has come with many others also and opened a floodgate of introductions and art activities. Five of us are approaching our reception date for our solos together in July. My theme solo of Crossings, water and boat paintings is complete and ready for the show, leaving me to move on to metal sculpture and bronze casting. We will extend the exhibit to another possible destination in the fall, and meanwhile we work to establish a community with some of the artists met this year. We will form a group of interested artists wishing to support, share, and collaborate with each other in various ways to enhance our art making experiences. All of this evolved from collaboration with one. The rewards I feel, can be endless and grow my community. It is also a rewarding experience of making dear friends that I will take along whether it be in art or companionship.

This collaboration began with wanting metal armature and going to a person already having met, that had the capacity to create my project. This involved welding and with another friend there, I discovered the thrill of welding and have had encouragement and lessons to weld for myself. This will open future possibilities and already involved me in the first collaboration in metal sculpture. I’m still learning but the expansion into other materials has led to other concepts for art, all thanks to the support of two friends and cemented that relationship. As our newly formed community grows, we can spread our idea of artistic collaboration and its beneficial results to others.

Meanwhile I must move on to my own sculpture project of 5 figures in winter stone that was the initiative of all the events that happened this year. I am also involving myself locally with a council of arts for the county after being asked to sit on their board. This will be a learning possibility as well, and hopefully I can bring something forward to affect possibilities for ail the artists in our area.