Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 49

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Many ‘Doings’

As a friend replied a few days ago when I seemed anxious that many exhibit announcements were going by and I wasn’t ready, “You have many doings in work, Carolyn, and will get there “.
As an artist who works on long term projects, I sometimes feel forgotten as an active creative in the present time. Having allowed my blog and social media to lapse, I’m sure that some may be wondering if I am indeed at work with projects that will see the light of day. I can assure all that I am working toward two exciting projects series that I plan to propose for exhibition.
My projects run from being singular and straightforward in production to a more complex multi-media inclusion. This is my most relevant project I have been working on since last autumn. Often when I venture into multiplying aspects relating to a project, it adds an element of learning and researching the approach to include a new medium or method. This increases the time involved in the project and the efforts to include that element.
In this project for example, I am working with live models which arrive when they are free so the first half of the project was drawing and painting the models while they were available. I also had to arrange the models together separately from each other which will be apparent why once the exhibit is shown. Summer has interrupted that access for the last few models required so I have switched to painting the backgrounds.
The paintings will be titled with poetry to match the subject matter and emotions of each work. These will be incorporated with QR coding which will have me researching and learning both video and the coding. And being a sculptor, I couldn’t help but add this element to the series. An intuitive piece evolved that matched the theme and won interest so I am making two more to include in the works.
The last step will be to put together photographs and a proposal for exhibit and a possible grant application for framing presentation. So as I enter the last third of this project, I must hold back the anticipation of completion and acquire enough patience to move through these step of production. This is but one project I am working and will speak of others in further blogs,as I move along the conveyor belt of work before me.