Anatomy of an Artist's Exhbition - part 14

Working and Setting Up in a New Environment

Having moved half my art materials and equipment by car loads, I look at what is left to transport and wonder how and where all these supplies will fit in the new studio area. I reflect back on the days I didn’t have enough materials and worked with make do items while starting my career as an artist. Now I view forty years of collecting and additions to my former basic paint supplies and it astounds me how much it has grown. Having jumped into other mediums is responsible for part of the accumulation. Needing equipment for different mediums built up supplies and other areas of work space to house these different methods and materials. I have been allocated a healthy space in the new house, but am not sure how all this will squeeze in and give me elbow room to spread out and work. The fact that at present there are no walls built in the studio is making it a problem when it comes to storage. Walls give me shelving and cupboards and ledges to place items. At the moment I have three work tables and everything is stacked on the floor and on the two tables here already. My spouse has some spare wood left over from the build and when he brings up his tools, I am hoping some sort of temporary standing shelving will be made so that I can begin to organize the space and make it workable until walls are erected around the area.

There is still plenty of items to move up here. I only brought up the equipment and canvasses I am presently creating, and the larger items like the kiln and buckets of glazes etc. are still at the old house. I at least would like my wheel here so that I can make items and allow to dry. The basement where my studio will be has two large windows so that I have light, but work lights will have to replace the energy efficient bulbs if I’m to work in the evening. Having moved in four days ago, I am still in process of getting familiar with the new house and organizing our living space. There hasn't been an attempt to even consider the art making, except for beginning the sketchbook from the Sketch Book Project ( ). I am writing my blogs and photographing, but do miss being engrossed in the painting or sculpture method of creation.

There is a lovely river near us and I’m eager to get down to the banks and try a plein aire watercolour or two. There is a new neighbour building like us, who has settled her horses in to a small new barn just down from us. They are planning to construct the house this year. I need to finish a painting I started with my favourite model that includes a horse. I’m not sure how to approach the people but think that they wouldn’t mind their horses painted if they don’t mind holding them. Maybe I will have to settle for photos of the horses in the position I want to have them.

Meanwhile I am trying not to look at the stacked equipment in the basement until more has arrived. I feel I may have to start at least arranging areas and corresponding materials to feel like I am getting near setup of the studio. I hope that another load including another work table will appear early this week or a long shelf like table will be thrown together this weekend. Then I can tackle the area and make it workable for some of my projects. In order to get at those paintings now and wait no longer, I will have to go back to my beginnings and set up at the kitchen table in the middle of family activities.