Anatomy of an Artist's Exhbition - part 15

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Getting Back Out There

As I continue to bring up my supplies from our old home to add to our new home, I am feeling more settled here and detached from there. This last trip I brought up my waxes in progress so that I can begin to prepare to do some bronze casting again. It has been two years since the furnaces were ramped up for a burn. I have four art pieces on the table waiting on TIG welding and three or four projects in the wax, not to mention a few in the clay mode.

I sat out on the deck a few days ago and began to smooth and shape some of the wax figures. Small enough to work in the hand, when the sun is that warm, molding them is easy and relaxing. The larger skaters I have in wax are pretty much as they will be casted but a little smoothing here and there will enhance. The bigger job will be to reattach one leg that somehow snapped off on one figure and maybe some tool work on the other face. The attaching method will require the small propane canister and hot tool to repair. I hope my skill with a quick “sizzle and shove” fix into place has not left me over the two years. It can be tricky to get a fast burn and stick without melting too much of the form. It just felt good to pick up the wax pieces and imagine them completed. I have a small runner for my friend that I had attempted in sculpy clay but it isn’t working this time around. It appears I shall have to make a new armature and do it in sculpture clay. I have six more figures to my “Terror” piece to shape, however they are smaller forms so will not take long once I begin them.

For my clay sculpture that I will fire and glaze , I am excited that my supplies are finaaly here for this new “ Conspiracy” piece. I imagine several large figures that will fix together as one piece when matched to one side of another piece making a whole sculpture. My wheel has also arrived so that my friend and I can just play with pots. It’ll be an enticement to get her here to visit for days.

I haven’t left my paintings but they seemed stalled as I wait for an invitation from the neighbour to paint her horse. She had mentioned giving me her phone number again the other day when we walked past the barns. I will carry some business cards next walk so that I can initiate the exchange of numbers and that may speed up an appointment time for the modeling.

Meanwhile a happenstance meeting at the local gallery here, turned into an installation of some of my pieces. The owner was very excited when I showed my website to her when we went in to look at the local artists’ work. She pointed to a large plinth and hinted that it would show a bronze well. So I took up two bronze pieces and three clay sculptures plus a small clay craft piece to show her. Just in case, I did throw in my brochures and educational material plus some ready to hang photos of the process. By the time we left two hours later, all my pieces were tagged and on display including promotional and educational material. She also connects the artist’s websites to hers for further promotion. Though the commission was the regular percentage and a contract was signed for three months, she explained a wall or plinth charge that I had never run into before. Not much in numbers but does add up with each piece entered. After talking for a while my experience in co-ops had come in handy with an invite to waive those fees for two days a month working the gallery. I jumped at it as it is a good way to meet people and other artists and just seemed like fun. I hope I can remember some of the skills I picked up in those co-ops so long ago. At the least I hope to be able to get through the day without mishaps. For now, I have some work out in the local town to announce my self and feel like I am back out showing my artworks after a two year span of injury and house renovations. With the two pieces in the juried show in the larger centre one hour away, I feel like I can get my hands into my work and produce some new items. I also feel as if I am wanted as a fresh face and validated in the art world once again.