Anatomy of an Artist's Exhbition - part 16

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Conduit to Work on Art

The initial response to bringing out some of my art pieces to introduce myself has been very receptive. I am hearing voices that repeat this is a good area for appreciation of the arts including the visual. Now that my bronze pieces are on display after a long period of storage time, I am inspired to pick up where I left work on two projects and several unfinished pieces. I also have four bronzes requiring braising and welding. That is more a financial problem which awaits the selling of our old house or a sale of work to subsidize. So I shall continue on the present waxes needing some touch ups and some sprueing work for firing. There is still some bronze ingots available. I am also very eager to complete one work named “Terror” and another to begin which is named “Conspiracy”. I am not sure of bronzing the Conspiracy pieces as the figures are larger and will be expensive. They may be quite suitable to remain as clay sculpture pieces.

The West River here still awaits my visit. Almost the end of august and I did not get to the river to do a plein aire watercolour. I will try again as things are settling down with our move and we are now ready to regulate our life schedule. However the autumn may be a better time for colour and reflections in the water. I can always return to the river for more series work. I am returning to my marine exhibition work and will make a schedule for work times with those pieces.Making a work schedule often helps to dedicate yourself to a project. I also have the option of taking some paintings into the gallery as my gallery owner would love for me to paint in the slow hours. It also makes for a performance piece for the gallery. The local cafe has also suggested to do something the same on his deck. That may be more work than progress for me.

I did manage to finally get several photos of the horses at the nearby barn for my painting. I did prefer to sit and paint but the horses move about from the far field to the barn and it could be more of a wait and see time than a painting event. I hate working from photos but it may be the only option to completing this piece of artwork. The owner did hold the horse for me for the shoot and that is much appreciated. I have several positions of it and the other horses that will be great resource material for other art work. Now I am somewhat obligated to do a few drawings of their favourite animals in return for their assistance. A welcome was also extended to come to the barn at any time to paint. So once I have the initial subject on canvas, I will carry the material down to the barn and hope the animals are nearby. Apparently pink peppermints will encourage them to hang about but that will require bravery on my part to extend my hand to their mouths. We as artists do put much of ourselves into the work we do as evidence of this future attempted invitation.

The long awaited personal portrait piece for my relative has also been started to her relief although again it is from photos and I am never too eager to get to those projects. The only work from a photograph that I do enjoy is a sculpture piece because it isn’t stagnate or flat and is a challenge. I have decided to give up the sculpy clay material used in the sculpture of the marathon runner and return to sculpture clay to get a maquette for bronze of that work. It could be that the sculpy clay has past some expired date as I didn’t have difficulty with using it for figure work in the past. I shall make a new purchase of that material and test that theory.