Anatomy of an Artist's Exhbition - part 17

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Days of Culture

An invitation to join the community in welcoming the area’s first cruise ship visit saw me at the local cafe for a demonstration of art. The cafe has a history of art promotion because it was a carving studio and cafe. Keeping the previous atmosphere the new owner wants to welcome all forms of art into the cafe and make it a local hangout for artists, writers and musicians. I saw the invitation as a good method of introduction where I am a new artist to the area. Excited about my clay sculpture demonstration, he informed me I had the best seat in the house. I sat upon the large deck next to the door entrance and thoroughly enjoyed the day manipulating the clay busts into two different faces. It seemed to attract much attention and enjoyment from the patrons. The street in front of the cafe had been closed to traffic and there was a multitude of people meandering about that day. The town had called upon all its residents to welcome the visitors and to attract more ships to the area in the future.

With my involvement I felt that I had made my presence in the area with the patrons and other artists known. The owner told me that the spot was mine for next summer’s use. The next week I brought in three pieces of artwork for him to hang in his small gallery area inside the cafe. Carvers Cafe is not charging me as he admits to the assistance he is getting from my presence as he encourages others to hang their work and use the cafe. I plan to do demos at he cafe next summer as I enjoy them as much as the patrons seem to have me there.

Meanwhile during my days working the gallery, the owner asked me to give classes in her gallery back room. She has previously given classes there herself, but wants artists to use the area. I have put out advertisements in the area and she is promoting the classes and taking registration. It may be another form of making my presence highlighted in the town. I had not wanted to teach again as it interrupts my production time but I feel I must get known locally as my priority for now.

The horse painting is coming along now and I can see the completion of it soon. I must get back to the marathon runner which has been ignored for a few weeks and do something with the bust of my spouse that he sat for at the cafe demonstration. I will have to decide whether to complete it or start another form. My spouse is constructing some shelving units that will turn sideways to the pottery wheel to attach a plastic curtain and keep the clay contained as I take on the making of clay vessels. My girlfriend wants to play here as well so this should bring her sooner to visit us in the new house. The exhibit paintings of my marine theme are also calling me and I shall have to pull them out to work. I also returned to the sketchbook project from Art House Coop which I just didn’t find the enthusiasm for this time around. However the deadline is looming now and I like to finish what I begin . Going into winter always sets me off in a work frenzy and I hope to see much completed before the new year.