Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 12

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More Projects on the Table

With the excitement of the finishing touches on our new home, I am exploring the land to get familiar with the territory I will be working in and living. The result is racing my brain into new ideas and prospects for subject matter. I have already incorporated the land into two new projects while I continue to paint on present work and plan to move my materials shortly to the new site. There may be no walls in the studio yet but the prospects of not having to be concerned over neatness has me ready to work even if it is on the floor.

The two new projects came in at this time from the Sketchbook Project from art house that I participated with last year. I have my new sketchbook now and plan to use the land and discoveries there for my theme of drawings or paintings. I also joined up for the mystery project there. It is about doing an art piece and giving it away. It must be placed in a public space and allowed to be discovered and enjoyed by others.I decided it was a good idea to ease back into the sculpture with this project. I had two bags of winter stone left over from previous sculptures used for a mold. It is a wonderful cement and plaster material that mixes up silky like and enjoyable to use and manipulate. It can be made to run or mixed thicker to use as a sculptural material.

So with chicken wire loops I formed a skeleton, wrapped the winter stone on burlap strips as armature and began the form. It is a contemporary piece as I don’t have the time to do a detailed realistic item due to time and that I am coming back from a long absence from sculpting. I need the time to get the hand and eye back to heights I had climbed with sculpture previously. I shall not post pics until it has been sent into the art house folk and recorded as a completed mystery project.

I haven’t yet began the sketchbook due to short stays on the land. With the house still nearing completion, we are busy there checking on progress or making purchases. So there is little time to sit and draw yet. I will moving there end of June and the project will be taking off seriously then. Meanwhile I am photographing my discoveries or questions about flora and fauna in the area and posting it on a new blog, . I will add artwork to this blog piece once I am ready to sit with my tools with the time to complete art.

Meanwhile I am progressing with my wine and mussels companion piece. Tomorrow I will get back to that painting once I have bought my husband his mussels. Fortunately he enjoys this food so I can paint while he eats. It is to be hoped that will be done in a few days. The day after, I have my model arriving to complete a piece we began some months ago. While this piece was sitting, I had time to decide what the picture was about. This painting was started without a plan. It was done because we had extra time from a session so decided to put her in a position and just paint. It came to me to add a horse to the piece. She is a horse woman herself and the way she is laying with extended arm, I could place her over the neck of a horse. There would be little of the horse showing but that will highlight the subject better. A portion of the neck of the horse and an edge of a turned head will be just enough to tell the viewer what it is about. This means I will have to paint a horse as well to get the hair and skin texture and colour. Fortunately there is a small horse barn and sulky track nearby.I can now continue to completion of this piece and start a new picture with the same model.

I also must get back to my exhibition pieces on the marine subjects. Two more pieces must be completed before I move to the land. I have entered an art project locally for a charity auction. I have stopped giving to these requests because it does not give the artist anything back from the hours and the talent spent and there is too much of an attempt to get artists to support all these calls for charity. It is ironic we are in the lowest paid group of workers and are asked for so much. I had contributed in the past to my particular choices. For this one there is a calendar promoted quite extensively so I could justify the promotion that I couldn’t afford on my own. The theme is water and I have applied to paint the West River flowing a little ways from the land. It is a wide and beautiful waterway and will make a super subject and watercolour piece with extreme reflections of hues. I have until September if accepted to complete this piece.

I have some sculpture pieces to get back to as well but that will wait until I am set up in the new studio and can dash and sculpt here and there as I have the time. I can get much work completed with this method as time is needed to reevaluate proportions with progress. So much work waiting as I prepare for this exciting move and hoping the excitement translates to energy.