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Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 9

Becoming a Viewer Only

Anatomy of an Artist's Exhibition- part 8

Every Plan has a Fault Line

As I have outlined the process to preparing to exhibit a proposed series of work in my blog, I did hesitate in submitting my completed proposal papers. In hindsight, this was a good feeling, that proved beneficial in my favour. With the discussion of new directions for our lives, upon my spouses’ retirement, I decided to table the papers until I was assured of a more settled time.

Anatomy of an Exhibition - part 7

Settling Into the Commitment

Anatomy of an Artist Exhibition- Part - 6

When you feel it is the right time to announce your intention to mount an exhibit of works, then that is the time to prepare a proposal or a request to put up a display of works. The concept of the exhibit should be completed in your mind as to reason and intention to paint this idea and produce it for the stage. For this is what you are doing with an art exhibition: putting it on a stage for others to enjoy or learn from it.

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 5

Losing my way

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 4

From Background to Main Subject

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 3

Touching the Canvas

I have chosen the first painting that will begin my series. I have my resource material on hand and have thought about the arrangement of my composition. I have gone to my computer to lay out the composition in photoshop but I have also used my real time elements and laid them on to the canvas before drawing any lines.

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 2

Sourcing for the idea

One question that I am often asked is that of where my ideas originate. I can honestly answer them by declaring that I have more ideas than I can shake a stick at and that I hope I have enough time to chase many. Many come from the fact of age and the experience, involvements and opinions I have gleaned over the years.

Anatomy of An Artist’s Exhibition - part 1

With the last of the summer’s heat bringing in cooler breezes off the sea, stirrings of change urge me to prepare a new exhibition for the galleries. After a touring of a shared duo exhibit of clay and a one piece sculpture in my provincial art group show, it was time to reintroduce my painting medium with a new series of work. With sculpture taking up my energies and thoughts, I felt the time to work on my boat series which prompted the learning of the bronze, should be brought to the forefront.

About me

The first hint that my destiny was locked in to become an artist, was those days in my father’s basement darkroom, helping him with his black and white photography. The magic of the images slowly appearing on the paper immersed in liquid caught my imagination. And the many faces of people that I had never met, now in my control as i washed them in the developer, made it a study of features and emotion. It was an early course I didn’t recognize I had taken until art school.

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