Carolyn’s Exhibition History

Carolyn began her exhibition practice early in the seventies with small local art shows. But her break into serious exhibitions happened while living in Newfoundland when she was reviewed in the prestigious University Arts and Letters Art exhibition. That set her on a course of entering juried shows and some small solo exhibits as she moved to other areas for residence. Belonging to arts groups allowed entry into many group shows. Eventually she became involved in the provincial arts boards and in teaching art in schools and private lessons. In Halifax she showed and belonged to an arts co-operative group which expanded her horizons and offered more opportunities to solo exhibit consistently.

Some titles of favourite shows and places of exhibition are as follows;

“ The Trade in Time” was about the elders in our community, existing of portraits and older photos of their lives in the same canvas. The viewer could see the elder as appears in present and view the live span in the smaller painted photo elements.

Carolyn exhibited in the “Seven Sisters “ show which showcased several artist together with independent small solo exhibits in a university gallery. “Monuments & Icons“ was shown in two galleries and spoke of the nature of the social fabric and economical impact of the time. It was reviewed in the Halifax Chronicle Herald and on television news.

“Mentors - From Hand to Hand” was the artist paying homage to those upon whose shoulders we stand, to see and go further. Using my photography, I photographed women at work and processed the black and white photos in my own chemical lab. Researching and finding some of my father’s armed forces photographs, I presented the show together. In his photos all subjects were male, hence my choice for female subjects. Again this show was exhibited in a university gallery and a major Halifax gallery.

“Out of Context” was another exhibit, shown in a university gallery , and was a mixture of subject matter in paint. Just recently, Carolyn exhibits a clay sculpture show as a duo show with a photographer. This show , “Relay for Life”, was shown in three places and spoke of healing from cancer.

Carolyn has had numerous exhibits and her preference for showing her work is in university galleries. She also completed her first public art piece, a bronze fountain sculpture called, “The Village Well”, in 2004. Carolyn is presently working on another painting exhibit for viewing, called,” View From the Shore”, and promises many more to come.